• The construction industry has to become ‘smarter’ in its operations to radically improve efficiency and productivity in order to design and supply the increasingly sophisticated buildings and infrastructure required to meet the rapidly changing demands of clients. The construction industry also has to adopt a ‘greener’ approach to reduce its overall carbon footprint throughout the supply chain and to produce more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient structures.

    When deployed across all phases of design, digital technologies – including Building Information Modelling (BIM), sensors, data analytics and smart systems technologies and the Information Management Landscape (IML) – can significantly improve quality, productivity and safety during construction, while also optimising the performance of buildings during their lifetimes.

    Similarly, the harnessing of green technology can help to cut emissions, conserve water, and reduce energy consumption and waste compared to conventional construction techniques, while also using materials more efficiently.

    The Smart and Green Building Show, which is part of the National Construction Exhibition taking place on 29th September 2020 at the Arena MK, Milton Keynes in England, will highlight the latest technologies and expertise available in this fast evolving field. The Smart and Green Building Show will provide practical advice for construction businesses of all sizes on how to become ‘smarter’ and ‘greener’ in their daily operations.

    Some of the areas being covered at the Event include: BIM, IML, solar power, biodegradable materials, green insulation, the installation of smart appliances, cool roofs, sustainable resource sourcing, electrochromic smart glass, water efficiency technologies, sustainable indoor environments, self-powered buildings, lower-energy house and zero-energy building design.


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